Description of the painting Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin "Spring"

Description of the painting Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin

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K.S. Petrov-Vodkin is an original Russian artist who came out of an ordinary family of servants and simply miraculously got the opportunity to study. His painting technique is original, and the work is recognizable. Heroes of paintings are ordinary people from the people. They are so understandable and close to the artist.

The picture shows a guy and a girl. In the distance you can see a village scattered on a hill. The girl sits dreamily, legs crossed. She is modest and rustic, her face expresses peace and tranquility. The guy looks at the girl with love.

Obviously, young people have a date, they are in love. The guy expects reciprocity from the girl, and the girl is modestly and detached immersed in her thoughts. This plot is typical for summer evenings in the village. Both the landscape and the atmosphere favor romanticism. The artist realistic depicted the images of heroes. The artist himself lived simply and understood the sincerity of the Russian people.

The picture is made in smooth lines, this is a feature of the individual technique of the artist. The author preferred rounded shapes, his drawings streamlined and harmonious. The image looks childish, even fabulous. The houses in the village are unnaturally hanging from the hill, but the trees and the images of the heroes are quite realistic.

The artist perceived reality through the prism of his creative attitude. Perhaps in his heart he still remained a child who wandered around the village, which seemed to him fabulous. It was in his imagination that the author drew inspiration. The canvas reflects the role of man in the world. Figures of people in the foreground. A girl with a guy sits on a hill, above all.

Thus, the artist presents a person, erecting him on a pedestal. Nevertheless, the couple looks harmonious against the backdrop of a magnificent landscape. K.S. Petrov-Vodkin shows that living in harmony with nature is necessary and possible, because a person is also part of the world.

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