Description of the painting Vasily Tropinin "Spinner"

Description of the painting Vasily Tropinin

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Vasily Andreyevich Tropinin is a famous Russian portrait painter. The work of the master cannot be confused. Images of Tropinin are filled with special warmth and softness. He did not flatter his models, but tried to portray in idealistic and light images, without exposing the painful aspects of their life. Even everyday work appears in his works as an easy and enjoyable task.

The painting "Spider" is one of the famous portraits of Tropinin, which depicts a simple peasant woman, and not a lady from high society. Vasily Andreevich was the first Russian artist to address the theme of the personality of a simple person. For him personally, as art critics often note, “Spin” became the first experience of writing “from nature”. The portrait was made in two versions with a difference of about 10 years. Compositionally, the paintings are identical, the change was made only in the face of the girl. Her affectionate and mischievous look at a later version, the artist draws directly to the viewer.

The girl’s face, as can be seen in other female portraits, bears certain common features of an idealistic image - sensual soft face contours, dark eyes of an oblong shape, a gentle smile, ... Despite the simplicity of clothes and jewelry, the artist manages to create a surprisingly sophisticated image. The prevailing soft light gamut of shades and the manner of applying the paint used by Vasily Andreyevich helps in this. Small dense strokes give the image the effect of roundness and volume inherent in miniatures.

The girl’s figure is depicted on the background of the field, emphasizing closeness and unity with nature. The measured movements of the fingers pulling the thread and twisting the spindle, perhaps too soft and sophisticated for the hands of a simple peasant. But V. A. Tropinin tends to a somewhat different result. His goal is to show a modest natural beauty, to create a new version of reality - filled with poetry and good nature.

The combination of authenticity and sentimental-idealistic moods of the master created an entirely new type of genre portrait.

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