Description of the painting by Mark Kitley “Wolves”

Description of the painting by Mark Kitley “Wolves”

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The great artist of his generation and his country, Mark Kitley, was born and lived, worked and developed almost throughout his life as an artist in the United States. He was born on April 23, in 1863, and his whole life passed on a relatively rich and sufficient family farm, which was located in East Texas.

It is noteworthy in his life that Mark Kitley started painting at the age of 5, and this happened almost immediately after he once, one fine day, found brushes and paints in the attic of a family farm nest.

After 7 years, at the age of twelve, he even painted the first full-fledged independent picture. It was a landscape, which, according to the writer himself. It was too green for the landscape. Three more years have passed since that moment. And already at the age of 15, the future famous artist was presented with a set of excellent acrylic paints, as well as a little thing, which ultimately determined the nature and plot of future works. It was a subscription to a wildlife magazine.

After he received such valuable gifts for him, he seemed to be replaced. From that day he began to draw about 14 hours a day, leaving for his own rest only one day a week - Sunday.

After 5 years, when the artist was 20 years old, he had to spend a whole year with relatives in South Africa, where his work began to sell rapidly. That's how he began to desire to become a professional, real artist.

His painting of the wolves showed the effect that the artist achieved, based on his trips and the very subscription to the magazine about wildlife. The wolves themselves, and the landscape that surrounds them, were created realistically, although at that time the author was not so familiar with the wolves, nor with the atmosphere and natural environment in which they live.

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