Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky “Frigate under the sail”

Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky “Frigate under the sail”

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The work of Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky is truly a precious legacy of Russian painting and culture. The whole life of the greatest marine painter is like a chain of wonderful acquaintances and events that allowed the talented Armenian boy Hovhannes Ayvazyan to quickly and successfully develop his invaluable gift from his youth. The sea, on the shore of which the future genius was born in the cozy port of Feodosia in the Crimea, became part of Aivazovsky and his whole long creative life splashed the energy of foam waves and the beauty of coastal landscapes on his canvases. The noise of voices in the city market, where Ivan often went with his father, the rumble of surf, the creaking of tarry hulls of ships calling at the port, aroused storms of emotions in the boy and were torn by swift sketches of paper, and when it was not enough - onto the whitewashed walls of southern houses. It was such drawings of sea battles made by coal on the wall that the city architect Jacob Koch noticed, and from that moment Ivan Aivazovsky’s hectic creative career began.

Frigate's painting under the sail was painted in 1838, when the young Aivazovsky, a student of the Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg, was sent ahead of schedule for an internship to his native Crimea two years before graduation, so that he would go to study for Italy for 6 years at the government expense.

The frigate is a small vessel with full artillery weapons on board and served to protect merchant ships and routes and maneuvering operations in large squadrons. And such a warship with sails raised to the ready, Aivazovsky places in the center of the whole composition, surrounding it with a calm calm sea in the dawn lilac light fog and figures of eastern merchants peacefully talking on the roof of a fishing shack. A pale, thin month is still visible, but the sun has already spread its hot paws on a stone path, a distant quiet horizon and the peaks of small mountains surrounding the bay. Even the air in the picture still trembles in a ringing silence, but it feels like it is about to flood with a roar of birds, loud conversations of people hurrying to the market, military men on a ship, starting their combat duty. This is very in the style of Aivazovsky - to be able to fill the landscape with smells and sounds, to create a premonition of a surge in peaceful peace and to make the audience listen for a second and hold their breath.

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